Yorkshire Children's Physiotherapy have provided a professional and supportive physio service for our child who was recovering from a serious car accident. Sam has improved dramatically not just physically, but he is now calmer and more responsive to everyone around him. This has been essential in helping us to be positive and for our family as a whole to feel confident about the future.


Sensory Integration Therapy

Our specialist Sensory Integration Practitioner, Natalie Seals offers a ‘package’ of assessment sessions in order to fully observe and assess your child in their own environment(s), before providing you with a detailed and comprehensive report. 

The series of 3 assessments usually follows this format:

Assessment at Home:

2 individual assessments (1 hour each session) to include the following:

  • Information gathering (from parent(s)).
  • Completion of the Child Sensory Profile 2 (by parent(s)/Caregiver(s)).
  • Physiotherapy assessment of movement, strength, balance, co-ordination, and tone.
  • Observations (structured and unstructured).
  • Sensory based assessments.
  • Communications board (completed by child with/without assistance from parent(s)).

Assessment at School/Nursery:

1 assessment (1 hour) in the ‘classroom’ environment to include the following:

  • Information gathering (from Class Teacher or equivalent).
  • Completion of the Child Sensory Profile 2 (by Class Teacher/School Companion).
  • Observations (structured and unstructured).

Assessment Report:

The findings of all 3 assessment sessions are subsequently analysed and a detailed report is written, based upon the individual child’s presentation. The report is set out clearly and comprehensively into the following sections:

  • Background – this includes any relevant medical history and the reasons for requesting the assessment.
  • Strengths and Challenges – usually as identified by parent(s).
  • Education – a summary of relevant information relating to school/nursery, as applicable.
  • Likes and Dislikes – as captured on the Communications Board (completed by the child, during the assessment process).
  • Sensory Assessment – a summary of current abilities and areas of need.
  • Physical Assessment – a summary of clinical findings from the assessment process.
  • Sensory Profile 2 – a summary of the results, as documented by parent(s)/Caregiver(s) and Class Teacher (or equivalent)/School Companion.
  • Unstructured observations – a summary of findings from the assessment process.
  • Structured observations – a summary of the results of a series of specific tests carried out during the assessment process (based on Ayres Sensory Integration).
  • Therapy Outcome Measures – an analysis of the child’s sensory abilities (and difficulties) across 4 dimensions: Impairment, Activity, Participation, and Wellbeing.
  • Analysis – a detailed summary of all findings together with an explanation of terms and the implications on the child’s presentation.
  • Recommendations – a suggestion of various strategies to help address the specific areas of need identified during the assessment process.

Following completion of the ‘package’ of assessments, we can also provide further input, as appropriate/as requested. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Training sessions (at school/nursery) for teaching staff/SENCO etc.
  • Training sessions (at home) for family/caregivers.
  • 1:1 follow up sessions.
  • Assistance with EHCP applications and the provision of supporting letters/reports, as needed.

To arrange an appointment for sensory assessment or to request further information, please contact our Clinical Director (Sarah Joice) on 07908 684441. You can also email us at info@yorkshirechildrensphysio.com