Yorkshire Children's Physiotherapy have provided a professional and supportive physio service for our child who was recovering from a serious car accident. Sam has improved dramatically not just physically, but he is now calmer and more responsive to everyone around him. This has been essential in helping us to be positive and for our family as a whole to feel confident about the future.


Dance Injuries and Screening

We are proud to have a dedicated Dance Physiotherapist as part of the Yorkshire Children’s Physiotherapy team, who has specialised in the screening, diagnosis and physiotherapy management of young dancers for over 20 years. As a classically-trained dancer herself of over 40 years, Sarah Joice has worked with dancers of all ages and genres, from the young budding ballerina, to Dance Scholars and those studying dance full-time, to professional dancers including clients from Phoenix Dance Company, Northern Ballet Theatre and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Owing to her reputation as a highly-skilled Dance Physiotherapist, her clients travel to see her from all over the North of England.

DancingSarah provides a physiotherapy ‘screening’ service for dancers, fully assessing their presenting postures, body alignment, movement control and muscle firing, to determine the source of any current symptoms and movement difficulties, and to analyse any underlying and potential problems that may manifest later during training and affect performance.

Physiotherapy management and treatment of dance injuries or related problems combines a hands-on approach with normal movement facilitation, using specific manual therapy techniques and neuro-muscular re-education in order to promote pain free movement execution, control and body alignment during dance.